I want to make our home the best that it can be. To do that, we need to put the time and effort into strengthening and improving every part of our district: our families, our communities, and our futures.  

Our Families: By supporting our families, we’re strengthening our communities. Support means ensuring that workers are earning fair pay for their work and passing legislation to bring policies like paid sick leave to our workplaces.

It also means protecting women so that they can make the right choices for themselves and their families. When our families are strong, we all benefit.


Our Communities: Whether it’s supporting our local governments to make sure they have the money to repair aging infrastructure or funding our schools so that they have the resources they need to educate our kids, I’ll be an advocate for our communities.


Our Futures: Progress comes from finding creative solutions to problems. In our state government, it’s time to move past the back room deals. By making business more accessible to the everyday citizen, especially minorities and women, we can expand and strengthen our business community.

It’s time to put time, thought and funding behind big ideas. Ideas like the high-speed rail and new, innovative businesses, so that young people aren’t just from Ohio, they stay in Ohio.


If we work together and build from the bottom up, Ohio can be a leader in 21st century innovation. It’s time to get started.